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OH YEAH! Cartoons (OOC comm)
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Cartoon_Friday's OOC Comm
Welcome to OH YEAH! CARTOONS the OOC Community for the dressing room for all things cartoons! This is a community to chat, post memes, and introduce yourself to other players.

01. This goes without saying, but no drama in the communities, please. Keep the drama for your mama. If you do have problems, whether it's the layout being odd on your resolution or someone causing trouble, don't hesitate to contact the moderators here. bitofa and tsunderes are avalible through Livejournal's PM system and on their journals.

02. Absolutely no sexual content is allowed on either community. We're going to limit on community sexuality to kissing/hugging. If you have characters that are going in that direction, continue this on your journals.

03. IC (in-character) discussion goes here: cartoon_fridays. Character interaction goes here.

04. Have fun!!

Layout code is by minty_peach. Profile code and all banners by tsunderes.